Why SP+

Hi there! Welcome to SP+!

SP+ is all about empowering our clients with different lifestyle or fitness needs with Pilates / Yoga coaching.

Our motto “Positivity always! Progress over Perfection!” is embodied in our brand, classes’ design, and personified by our instructors.  We believe that “Being Fit” does not happen overnight, it’s involves us changing our mindset and committing to a continuous journey. All of us can embark on our individual fitness journey by taking the 1st and biggest step across our mindset and commitment hurdle, and as they say – the rest is a piece of cake – one small bite at a time, together. Yes, you are not alone – our instructors are committed to work with you to Stay Positive with Steady Progress throughout your journey.

Working with our clients to assess and identify individual needs, Pilates can be introduced to:

Improve overall wellness

Promote mobility and / or stability within our body

Strengthen individuals prior to starting their fitness program

Supplement existing fitness / sports regime

SP+ studio seeks to provide a cosy, positive environment for our clients to relax & recharge, before and after our classes.

Our clients are welcome to pop by for a coffee anytime! See you soon!

Get to know Amalee

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Hello! I’m Amalee.

Yoga has been a part of my life for more than 3 years setting a path of a healthier, stronger and confident woman I am today. I still remember the first day I stepped into a yoga studio, it was daunting, and I felt so out of place, before long I realized, yoga is for everybody and every woman. Join me in a ladies’ friendly classes where we ladies can be ourselves.

Calling all my ladies, hijab sisters, to get on the mat with me and we shall let our body flow, breath in positivity and exhale negativity. Forget about perfection, drop in the present and simply enjoy the flow. Let’s empower each other and together we are stronger!

Get to know Bhakti

Bhakti Photo

Hi I am Bhakti, Mother to a naughty 5-year-old.

My Pilates journey began when I was introduced to it during my Physiotherapy Practice days whilst in India in 2010 – back then, it was termed as Rehab Pilates.

After taking a sabbatical to be with my son, my interest in Pilates was awakened again. This time I used Pilates to improve my own body and regain my strength. Getting trained and certified in Pilates has opened new opportunities for me. Having a background in anatomy and bio-mechanics as a Physiotherapist, allows me to modify the Pilates exercises to suit various individual needs. Come join me for a session soon.

Get to know Boon San

Chan Boon San has been a Yoga Practitioner for more than 20 years. In 2007, she completed her diploma in Yoga with the Mohans at Svastha Yoga. She also learned Yoga for the Special Child from Sonia Sumar.

Boon San believes that Yoga practice should be adapted to each individual unique physical and mental condition. Her eye for details has helped many of her students improve their health and posture.

文杉,瑜伽教练,练瑜伽有二十多年了。2007年正式传授瑜伽。文杉也教导 (特殊)小孩瑜伽。


Get to know Cass

Cass Chin Pic

Cassandra is a STOTT ® trained pilates instructor who offers training to private clients and community classes. Legally trained by education, Cassandra first discovered pilates and yoga as a welcome escape from the stress of her hectic full time job.

A fun loving and outgoing person when not clad in her black suit, she is very passionate in strength training and is known by others to be a fitness and nutrition geek.

As a working mother to a hyperactive toddler, her aim is to empower women and help busy mothers to achieve their fitness goals by imparting the amazing benefits of pilates with a fun twist!

Get to know Dee


Dee believes that the breath is the key in yoga and a good practise can be when when a student smiles and communicates with the teacher or sets a keen focus with communicating with their own bodies during their practise.

Having practising yoga since 20, Dee realises that it is through teaching that she truly starts to learn.


Get to know Jackie

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Jackie is an active Kundalini Yoga teacher with over 4 years of experience. Her teaching style combines a practical approach to yoga, meditation and breathing techniques combined with essential oils to help you find the balance in your body, mind and emotions.

As a teacher, Jackie is warm, authentic and passionate. Her yoga and meditation classes are fun, engaging and effective with a strong focus on self-consciousness and promoting a true state of Health, Peace and Happiness.

Sat Nam!

Get to know Kiki


After juggling career in Corporate & Hospitality industry for over a decade, Kiki discovered and embraced Pilates and Yoga as a way to recover from long term backache while improving posture and maintaining her overall strength, flexibility and staying healthy. She immediately saw the potential and need to be able to help other re-establish contact with their wellness through healthy movements.

Kiki has been teaching Pilates and Yoga for couple of years now and teaching private, group/corporate classes in Singapore, with addition of leading occasional workshops and lead overseas group retreats. Kiki has a strong interest in helping her clients to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle through various movement modalities.

Get to know Sheryl

Sheryl Pang

Hi, I’m Sheryl.

I’ve always enjoyed sports and I was involved in Track and Field, Cycling and Gymnastics until I met with some health issues which made higher impact sports difficult to participate in.  I took a break from physical activities until I went for a trial Pilates class one day and got hooked ever since!

It was perfect for me as I was looking for a low impact exercise regime. It helped condition my body, increased my functional strength and improved my posture. I realized it also helped alleviate my back pain.  Having gained much from it, I decided to get certified in Pilates so that I can help others regain their health and mobility.

When I’m not doing Pilates, you’ll probably catch me swimming, indulging in a creative project or satisfying my wanderlust.

Get to know Stef

stef swan

Hi there! Im Stef.

I have participated in different sports activities throughout my life – from short distance sprinting to long distance running, netball, golf, racquet sports, etc. – I love them all. I crave variety of focus with each of these sports activities and at the same time, got bored in these activities when it’s became about honing and perfecting your skill.

When I was introduced to Pilates years ago, the variety and intensity of different exercises kept me coming back for more – I was never bored. I was intrigued with the variety and modifications using props / equipment that suit different individual needs.

Pilates allowed me to additional benefit of destressing and recharging during my hectic (corporate) work week, and learn to work and mobilize the muscles that I never know I had. I decided after years of being a student attending Pilates classes, to pursue the Pilates Instructor certification – to satisfy my thirst of understanding the Pilates exercises repertoire and sharing Pilates further with others.

With the different skillsets acquired during my corporate / people development experience, instructor certification and personal Pilates journey, you can expect my classes to be fun and practical!


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