Why SP+

Hi there! Welcome to SP+!

SP+ is all about empowering our clients with different lifestyle or fitness needs with Pilates / Yoga coaching.

Our motto “Positivity always! Progress over Perfection!” is embodied in our brand, classes’ design, and personified by our instructors.  We believe that “Being Fit” does not happen overnight, it’s involves us changing our mindset and committing to a continuous journey. All of us can embark on our individual fitness journey by taking the 1st and biggest step across our mindset and commitment hurdle, and as they say – the rest is a piece of cake – one small bite at a time, together. Yes, you are not alone – our instructors are committed to work with you to Stay Positive with Steady Progress throughout your journey.

Working with our clients to assess and identify individual needs, Pilates can be introduced to:

Improve overall wellness

Promote mobility and / or stability within our body

Strengthen individuals prior to starting their fitness program

Supplement existing fitness / sports regime

SP+ studio seeks to provide a cosy, positive environment for our clients to relax & recharge, before and after our classes.

Our clients are welcome to pop by for a coffee anytime! See you soon!

Get to know Anu

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my yoga journey than the magical coastal town of Santa Cruz in California. My first guru, then 55+ year old Julie Kimball, is the reason I became a yoga instructor. Julie taught me that yoga could be guileless and ageless, humbling and life-changing all at once.

Yoga means differently to different people, as it should, given it’s a deeply personal practise. To me, yoga is the art of making peace with one’s own body and mind. In the hyper-fast city we live in, it is critical to unplug from the competition thrust upon us and frequently reconnect with our inner core.

In my classes, I strive to help the attendees work towards a sense of calm and clarity through gentle flow of movements. I invite you to come with an open mind to the mat and leave with a bright smile 🙂

Get to know Carwen


Hi I’m Carwen!

I first discovered yoga back in 2008 I was just a student like anybody else in a   Yoga fitness centre. Slowly but surely I was hooked and inspired by what Yoga has to offer me physically and mentally.  My favourite Yoga flow is the Sun Salutations series and mainly passionate in yin yoga.

Fast forward to now, I’m glad to be able to do what I love, albeit on the other side of the mat. I teach mainly Hatha Yoga with variations of gentle to yin yoga to suit different students’ needs and even for those with health conditions or health ailments. I also provide Private Yoga sessions to suit the individual needs that you may have.

Join me to discover more about yourself or self realisation. I hope it helps you as much  as it helps me too. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste.

Get to know Claris

claris hong passport

Hi I’m Claris!

I completed my 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training based on the teachings of Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram.

In my classes, I seeks to use both breath awareness and asanas to cultivate a balanced mind for practitioners to connect back to your authentic selves.

My experience in meditation provides an understanding of mindfulness techniques, which I hope to share by empowering others with the tools to cope with stresses of daily life.

Get to know Dee


Dee believes that the breath is the key in yoga and a good practise can be when when a student smiles and communicates with the teacher or sets a keen focus with communicating with their own bodies during their practise.

Having practising yoga since 20, Dee realises that it is through teaching that she truly starts to learn.


Get to know Fion


Hi there!

As a dancer for the past 20 years, I have my fair share of muscles and joints overuse as well as injuries sustained due to over exertion and not enough knowledge in taking care of my body.

I discovered Pilates around 8 years ago and fell in love with how Pilates help me to condition and strengthen my body as well as manage my injuries better.

I find joy in helping my students know more about their bodies and working together towards an injury free life.

Get to know Gabie

Namaste everyone!

I am Gabie and I am an experienced yoga instructor, passionate to work with fellow practitioners on their Fitness and Wellness journey. I am inspired by nature, movements and elements to rejuvenate our core flexibility, strength, mind and spirit.

My Yoga Journey started in 2015 while I was working full time as Quality Engineer and over the years had opportunities to continually learn and improve my Yoga practice with formal education and learning from fellow Yogis.

I am excited to be practising Yoga with you to achieve your fitness goals.

Get to know Jackie

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-21 at 10.34.59 (1)

Jackie is an active Kundalini Yoga teacher with over 4 years of experience. Her teaching style combines a practical approach to yoga, meditation and breathing techniques combined with essential oils to help you find the balance in your body, mind and emotions.

As a teacher, Jackie is warm, authentic and passionate. Her yoga and meditation classes are fun, engaging and effective with a strong focus on self-consciousness and promoting a true state of Health, Peace and Happiness.

Sat Nam!

Get to know Jeanne

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-25 at 22.29.48

As someone bounded behind a desk at work, Jeanne sought yoga to help with her physical and mental well-being. Attending her first class back in 2015 made her realise her love for yoga.

Growing up as a non-physically active person, it came as a surprise to Jeanne that she was able to do a Plow pose! That day gave her a realisation that a mindful guidance through a trained yogi, allowed her to connect both mind and body to do things unimaginable before.

Jeanne loves to actively explores various fields of Yoga. Her biggest passion is to cultivate a sense of awareness in the body to create an active sense of being present in the moment, in hopes to create a safe space for anyone and everyone to discover joy in yoga through their body and peace in their mind.

Get to know May



When I was younger, I used to participate in a variety of sport activities! Due to prolonged bad posture and a few bad falls, I hurt my spine, leading to herniated discs and anterior pelvic tilt with lordosis in my lower back. I was in chronic pain and I underwent a 1.5 years of physiotherapy.

I was fascinated at how Pilates made my body feel after every session. My neck and backaches were alleviated and my core became stronger!

I strive to introduce how Pilates can help us achieve a better posture, leaner body and stronger core. Join me to feel the difference of Pilates impacting your body!

Love, May

Get to know Siti


Hi, I’m Siti.

My encounter with Yoga and Pilates started when I was battling with stress and anxiety. Yoga has helped me cope better and shift my energies into my breath and strength on the mat. While Pilates has helped me gained strength not only in muscles but in life as well. I completed my 200 hour Yoga teacher training and Pilates Matwork Training to gain more knowledge and to make a difference in my students’ lives through teaching and sharing.


Get to know Stef

stef swan

Hi there! Im Stef.

I have participated in different sports activities throughout my life – from short distance sprinting to long distance running, netball, golf, racquet sports, etc. – I love them all. I crave variety of focus with each of these sports activities and at the same time, got bored in these activities when it’s became about honing and perfecting your skill.

When I was introduced to Pilates years ago, the variety and intensity of different exercises kept me coming back for more – I was never bored. I was intrigued with the variety and modifications using props / equipment that suit different individual needs.

Pilates allowed me to additional benefit of destressing and recharging during my hectic (corporate) work week, and learn to work and mobilize the muscles that I never know I had. I decided after years of being a student attending Pilates classes, to pursue the Pilates Instructor certification – to satisfy my thirst of understanding the Pilates exercises repertoire and sharing Pilates further with others.

With the different skillsets acquired during my corporate / people development experience, instructor certification and personal Pilates journey, you can expect my classes to be fun and practical!


Get to know Swee Yeng

SY Yim

Namaste!  This is Swee Yeng.

My yoga journey began initially as a lunch time escape from the office.  After each practice, I would feel, rather than exhaustion, physically rejuvenated with a clarity of mind that helped to sharpen my focus on the tasks at hand.  As I progressed, I pleasantly uncovered new levels of flexibility and physical ability, and sleepy afternoons became a thing of the past!

Intrigued by the positive influences of yoga on the mind and body and thankful for all that I have gained, I decided to take a break from the banking industry to pursue the Yoga Instructor certification that would enable me to share this passion and experience so that others too, may benefit as I have.

Today, teaching yoga has brought about another level of learning and introspect, as I gain new inspiration each time I see students embark on their own journey of self-discovery and growing not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

I believe in having balance in all aspects of our lives and you can expect combinations of mobility, stamina as well as strength building in my classes.

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