Breathing - Inhale. Exhale.


Breathing is an essential part of Pilates workout. Proper and focused breathing not only clears your mind, but also energizes your body with the fresh oxygen you’ve inhaled. You will also learn that breathing helps substantially with your movements in most, if not all the Pilates exercises.

When inhaling deeply, imagine your lungs are filled with oxygen, expanding your ribs sideways. This will naturally promote an “lengthening” feeling in your spine.

When exhaling deeply, imagine your core / trunk (including your abdominals, pelvic floor) acts as a corset to your spine, protecting it from injury. This will naturally work your abdominals harder when movement is introduced.

Note: It is sometimes different to get the rhythm of breathing especially when exercises require multiple of complex movements. Fear not – your instructor will guide you along – balancing exercise movements with breathing.