Neutral vs Supported Pelvis Positions

Studies have shown that our deepest layer of abdominals (transversus abdominals) is activated more when in neutral pelvis position. When our transversus abdominals is activated properly, this serves as our body’s natural protection or corset for our spine

Neutral Pelvis refers to the position when 1) our hip bones are in the same horizontal plane when standing, and 2) when lying down, our hip bone and pubic bones are in the same horizontal plane. In some cases, it might be challenging for individuals to achieve neutral pelvis for various reasons. Your Pilates instructor might cue for supported pelvis instead to allow you to access the different Pilates exercises.

Supported Pelvis refers to the position where our lower back (lumbar spine) is slightly flexed to increase protection to the lower back.

Your instructor will advise during your trial session of your optimal pelvic placements for the various exercises alongside your accessibility to the different Pilates classes.